At Delicio we strive to make everyday cooking convenient and more enjoyable for you. Our passion is producing real food made for everyday cooking - made by real chefs!

Our range of carefully prepared condiments make an amazing difference to any meal. Adding flavor and aroma and delivering a taste that the entire family will love.

In addition, our range of cooking sauces help you make a convenient meal when you are busy, particularly during the week. Put simply, Delicio provides you with:

  • Recipes prepared by real chefs and produced in two factories in the Middle East
  • Bringing you cosmopolitan flair as well as tried and trusted varieties
  • Carefully prepared and processed
  • Made with minimal additives
  • Pre-packed in convenient - to - use containers
  • Pretested with people just like you in the GCC region before we produce anything
  • Halal…..always
it’s as simple as that!

An award winning food manufacturer whose products are enjoyed by over 30 million people worldwide every year.

We are at home in the Middle East region. Our company started out producing just one product: Tomato Ketchup. Then Hot Sauce followed by a number of different condiments were added to the portfolio as demand for our products in the region grew further. Since then we have become the largest manufacturer of condiments in the Middle East.

Years of research and development work has been invested into finding the ideal recipes for each of our products. Our experience in the Restaurant and Quick Service Restaurant business providing food products that people love has given us an insight into what supermarket customers just like you are looking for - and the taste that you love.




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